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Sweet summer is here!! I think late spring/early summer may be my favorite season when we have weather like this. This week, Hannah, Mark and I got to explore Mount Saint Francis for their engagement session and what a perfect night we had! Lower temps, a great breeze and just look at these joyful expressions. You […]

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Oh, sweet Autumn and Joshua. Sometimes I have an engagement session that keeps me smiling and laughing again and again while I edit and blog. That has been Josh and Autumn for the last week!! If by now, you don’t believe me when I say our weather has been CRAZY this year in Kentucky, then by […]

The hunt for fall color was on for this engagement session! These two are the absolute sweetest and they were up for a bit of an adventure! We got together really late in the fall season and were worried there wouldn’t be much color left. After meeting at the square and exploring LaGrange, we headed […]

I’m so glad we live in a world with Kentucky Octobers. As I sit here enjoying some hot chocolate, buried beneath my fuzzy Christmas blanket (that I refuse to put away yet) I’m thinking back to what an amazing last few months it’s been. While winter is a close second, fall is my absolute favorite […]

Often when there’s a threat of rain, I’ll get a panicked call about options, scheduling and what to do. I was so thrilled these two trusted me when I said, I’d love to go for it despite the weather! The rain sprinkles and overcast sky were the perfect setting for our adventure through Louisville. Jacquelyn […]

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“Haha, so were you a jerk and blew him off?” I jokingly asked, Val.  “Actually, yes! I totally studied instead!!” We all had a big ol’ belly laugh as we relived the time these two met at Murray State. While Josh was interested immediately, and tried several ways to put himself in situations to be […]

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