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A Coffee Shop & Bardstown Road Engagement Session


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Oh, sweet Autumn and Joshua. Sometimes I have an engagement session that keeps me smiling and laughing again and again while I edit and blog. That has been Josh and Autumn for the last week!! If by now, you don’t believe me when I say our weather has been CRAZY this year in Kentucky, then by golly, this post is for you. These pictures were all taken on the same day. Yes, DAY! Snow in the morning in LaGrange, Kentucky and then the spring-like weather in downtown Louisville just hours later. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m loving all the variety it gives us for pictures!

These two have an amazing story and it’s been awesome getting a front row seat to what God is doing in their relationship! There’s nothing I love celebrating more than family and couples moving toward an amazing design for marriage. From meeting at a Dollar Store where Josh worked, to dating and going deep with each other in a few short months, it’s been sweet to watch them both go deeper with Jesus as they learn about each other. Here’s just a few of my favorites from our snow covered morning to my favorite Please and Thank You Coffee Shop in Louisville.

Josh and Autumn, it’s been a privilege getting a front row seat, watching your testimony unfold, and I can’t wait to celebrate even more this year! Enjoy just a few favorites from our time together!!


  1. Mercedes says:

    I love the name Please and Thank you Coffee Shop! Also you all have crazy weather in Louisville Kentucky! Snow in the morning and warm weather later on? How fun for you and your clients during this engagement session! This set looks amazing and I love the variety of backdrops you all got to use. Really lovely session and I bet they just love these!

  2. Katie says:

    I adore this sweet coffee shop engagement session!. Kentucky is lucky to have your work fill all of their feeds. You captured such happy moments for this couple! I know they loved every single one! 🙂

  3. Laura Smith says:

    Please and Thank You is probably the cutest coffee shop name I have ever heard, and it was the perfect location for an engagement session!! The variety in this session is fantastic, and I am in love with her ring! They look so sweet and in love and you captured them so beautifully! Louisville, Kentucky is lucky to have you!!

  4. fran says:

    I love this engagement session in Louisville! it looks like a great city to visit! We are all about coffee shops in my city so this really touches a soft spot. I love the variety of images and I can’t wait to see this epic wedding!

  5. Meghan R says:

    Please and Thank You is such a cute coffee shop location for engagement photos! Love that Louisville Kentucky offers the snow and sunny afternoon — perfect for engagement photos!

  6. Her ring is so beautiful! I’ve never seen an engagement ring quite so unique. Their engagement session is so perfect <3

  7. Aida says:

    What a lovely engagement session in Louisville, Kentucky. I really like the name of the coffee shop: Please and Thank You – it is so clever! Lovely photos 🙂

  8. sarah says:

    ahhhhh an engagement session in a coffee shop? I am so there! The Please and thank you coffee shop looks lovely! 

  9. Cori says:

    This is a adorable Louisville Kentucky Engagement Session! I am in love with her Ring! My hubby would be so jealous of his beard (lol). You did an amazing job on this 

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