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You’re engaged! Now what? // 5 Tips to Kick Off Wedding Planning


Will You Marry Me?”  Ah! It’s here! The question you’ve dreamed about for so long time! If you’re anything like I was, the moment you said yes was such a blur. Excitement, tears, pop the champagne, tell the world, it’s time to celebrate!!  January and February are such an exciting time around here, because it’s Engagement Season! So many sweet love stories and couples choosing to be together forever.

When I think back to how I planned my wedding (almost 10 years ago!) I remember feeling so lost, especially at the beginning. First off, what happens after the official proposal? What’s next? How do you start planning a wedding anyway? You may have tons of decor ideas and pictures in your mind, but this is one of the most common questions when I receive an inquiry… “I’m engaged, now what?”  So friends, and friends to be, we’re kicking off a new blog series just for couples who are wedding planning! We’ll be posting twice a week throughout February and March, with all kinds of tips, ideas, inspiration and check lists.  To kick off, here are 5 ways to start your planning process:

1: Celebrate

Alright, alright. This one is obvious, but it’s so true! People want to know you’re engaged! From your closest family members to your friends who live across the country, share the good news! Call the important people first, such as your parents,  siblings, besties as I promise they want to hear from you personally. Don’t let them find out through Facebook, or assume they’ll see a post.

2: Pick a Date

This is absolutely the first planning step. Before you can do ANYTHING, you have to decide on a date.  Make sure to avoid any special dates that the rest of your family or friends have things planned on. It’s okay to choose a holiday like Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, or New Year’s Eve but just remember some vendors may already be booked or not available. Side note: June dates go even faster than holidays. If you are dreaming for a June wedding you might want to think two years out or plan a day that’s not Saturday.  It’s even better if you can decide on a month and choose several dates that work for you during that month. When you start searching for venues, and your ideal date is booked, it’s easy to look and their calendar and choose between your 2nd and 3rd date choices.

3: Pinterest Management 

In some ways, I’m glad Pinterest didn’t even exist when we were planning our wedding! While there’s great ideas out there and tons of inspiration, it can also take over your time if you’re not careful. If you’re pinning for a wedding, make VERY specific boards for your wedding ideas when you’re first starting. For example: Bridesmaid Dresses, Color Inspiration, Centerpieces, Reception Tables, Bridal Hair, Florals, Fun photo ideas, etc.  When you have a MASSIVE “Wedding” board that you pin everything to, it becomes very confusing and hard to find those favorites down the road!

4: Get Your Ring Insured!

It doesn’t sound like a ton of fun but it’s totally necessary! If a stone gets loose or you accidentally lose your ring down the sink (it does happen!), you want to make sure it can be protected or even replaced. Your fiancé may have already purchased insurance, but if not you definitely want to take the next steps into finding a policy. Often a personal article policy through your current agent is sufficient.

5: Choose A Trusted Planning Helper

It may be your mom, mother-in-law, a best friend… but you need someone who knows you well and can help carry the load. When you’ve hit a wall and can’t decide between two choices, they can step in and give a trusted answer. Someone who is excited, organized, and will be honest with you it the perfect choice!

I’ll be back on Thursday with details about budgeting and venue choices! Is there anything specific you want to know about? 

If you’re a bride who is just beginning this planning season, and would like detailed information about what we offer, as well as an awesome planning guide magazine, go ahead and connect with us on the contact page.

Happy planning!


  1. Sharee says:

    These are such great tips for wedding planning – especially the bit about remembering to celebrate and be happy – no need to go in to stress mode from the get go! No wonder you’re one of the very best Louisville wedding photographers. I can’t wait to come back to see your advice on budgeting and venue choices, too.

  2. This is such a helpful post for brides! Sometimes it can be overwhelming and you really don’t know where to start! My personal favorite? “Pinterest management” It made me giggle a little! It can be addicting, but extremely helpful!

  3. Cierra says:

    This is such a helpful blog post! I know so many Louisville brides are going to be thankful for all the wonderful advice you have given here! 

  4. Samantha says:

    Louisville Kentucky brides will love this amazing resource! Wedding planning after getting engaged is one of the hardest things, but surrounding yourself with a great team of vendors and people who are there for you is so important! These are great ideas and it’s easy to see how much you love your couples!

  5. Dave says:

    This is all excellent advice, if you’re looking for engagement sessions or wedding photography! And the colours in these photos! Love<3

  6. Sarah says:

    awww I love that you said celebrate first! Just another way you show you care. Which again makes you the best Louisville wedding photographer

  7. Laura P says:

    I’ve been doing a series on proposals so this is a perfect next step – wedding planning tips. How long have you been a Louisville wedding photographer? I love how clean and fresh your photos are. I’m not a fan of the dark and moody style. 

  8. What great wedding planning tips. Also these are such unique wedding and engagement photoshoots. We love that every shoot looks different, but bright. It’s like you found the perfect way to edit every photoshoot in its own unique way. 

  9. Ali Rost says:

    It sure is a different world than when I got married nearly 25 years ago (eeps!)  I can’t imagine planning a wedding now with the millions of ideas on Pinterest.  I get overwhelmed just picking something for dinner, much less all of the details that would go into such a big event.  Such a great idea to make specific boards to keep everything organized.  x

  10. Jennifer M Outlaw says:

    It is so easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of ideas and suggestions from others once you get engaged and these are some really great tips to help keep you focused and on track.  I love how you mentioned to take a moment an celebrate.  That is so so important!

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