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I just love my city. Sometimes before a session I’ll arrive a little early to just sit and soak in the environment. Last week’s engagement session was no different, and as I walked along the river the Belle of Louisville went chugging by. Ashley and Brian love Louisville too! This sweet couple are so tender […]

Someone once asked me if photographing couples and weddings feels the same every time… I think the exact words were, ‘Do you get tired of just going through the motions? Doesn’t every session seem the same?’ ¬†While I could see where someone might make that assumption, I sort of side smiled and said, ‘Oh no. […]

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Sometimes I have a session that keeps me smiling and laughing again and again while I edit and blog. That was Danielle and Cody all weekend long!! These two have an amazing story and it’s been awesome getting a front row seat to what God is doing in their relationship! Meeting as young teens during […]

When I first met Courtney and Patrick, I thought they were a a little shy and quiet, but I came to quickly realize they’re good listeners and just taking it all in. As we walked, talked and cracked some jokes it was a blast getting to know them! We explored a new part of The […]

Does anyone else reading love Chick-fil-a as much as I do? There’s just something so refreshing about their service, the attitudes of their employees, the way they bend over backwards for mamas with young kiddos in the store and who doesn’t love a yummy milk shake?! Well, it shouldn’t have surprised me that these two […]

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