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Danielle + Cody // A Walnut Grove Farm Wedding in Shelbyville Kentucky


Someone once asked me if photographing couples and weddings feels the same every time… I think the exact words were, ‘Do you get tired of just going through the motions? Doesn’t every session seem the same?’  While I could see where someone might make that assumption, I sort of side smiled and said, ‘Oh no. The stories are precious and new every time! Every couple is so different!’  The wonderful thing about relationships is that there’s always unique history. Maybe it’s a brand new love and they knew from the first date. Maybe it’s a rekindled friendship from grade school. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s an incredible story of redemption, growth and heart felt love like Danielle and Cody.

I’m going to just go ahead and apologize for the long post… but these two are more than friends and clients to me. I met Danielle’s mom, Denise and fell in love with her and her sweet family over the last couple years, and all I can really say is, wow. If you are blessed to know them, then you know how strong, caring, vibrant, authentic and gracious they are. As a mom, I’ve watched Denise contend for her family, and as a friend I’ve watched Danielle and Cody grow not only together, but in their faith, in leaps and bounds this year.

Sometimes I feel a little heavy at weddings… when a marriage isn’t centered on Jesus, it can feel so empty, but this union was a celebration unlike one I’ve attended this year. I’ll share why as I share probably the most images I’ve ever shared on a blog post.  Although lengthy, stick around to be encouraged by these two.  Walnut Grove Farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky didn’t disappoint! It was a gorgeous day for a wedding!!

The day started on this beautiful property, which we enjoyed for both the ceremony and reception. The girls all spent the night in this gorgeous cabin/loft the day before and it made for a sweet morning.  *That moment you’re trying to get ready and your mama just keeps making you cry, in all the great ways!* This sweet note was the beginning of many happy tears that day.

Something borrowed and something blue, found their way into this locket that Danielle held on her bouquet. It was a peice of lace from her moms wedding gown, and a blue jewel sealed together.

The ceremony took pace, just down the hill from the barn. It’s a beautiful wooded area at Walnut Grove, and proved to be lovely with all the trees and greenery.  So many tears by both the groom and the bride, it was such a sweet time.

When your mama marries your daddy, and she’s the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen!

There’s so much I could share from the reception fun, but I have to go back to our evening portraits, because they were just so sweet. The sun hit the trees as it set and made any hints of fall color pop! It was so beautiful and my favorite kind of moments to end the day.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Moberly! It was such a pleasure to witness your amazing decision and celebrate with you all! I may have cried as good as the rest of them, but it was out of pure joy and love for you all.  Thank you to the following vendors who made this day perfect for the bride and groom!

Bridal Dress:Melissa Sweet trumpet dress from David’s Bridal

Floralst: They grew their own for the bouquets!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Walnut Grove Farm

Wedding Coordinator: Amanda Pile Chism (Amanda Y-Staff Chism)

DJ/ Entertainment Services: Bridget Moore

Cake: Jessica Lutz (A family friend)

Catering: Mallory Annis, Contact her at

Bridesmaids Attire: Wish 

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Men’s warehouse


  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a gorgeous farm wedding at the Walnut Grove Farm.  Seriously, your getting ready detail shots were just epic!  So well thought out and the candid emotion was so beautiful. 

  2. Jaela says:

    That wagon though!!! Such a beautiful farm style wedding. You captured it perfectly. 

  3. Hanna says:

    Walnut Grove Farm is such a stunning location! the open space is just perfect for any wedding! Congrats to them they looks so beautiful and happy together

  4. Nikki says:

    ooh! beautiful wedding images! Walnut grove farm looks like a lovely wedding venue!

  5. Melissa Hirsch says:

    This Walnut Grove Farm wedding is gorgeous! Great job capturing such a beautiful day 🙂

  6. Stephanie says:

    Love the groom’s suspenders, so southern! They picked the perfect color palette! What a gorgeous farm wedding!

  7. Emily Moore says:

    Oh my gosh, the Walnut Grove Farm looks like a dream venue!! It looks like there is so much to work with at this venue — every set of pictures looks like it was taken in a totally new place! Beautiful work!!

  8. jiyeon says:

    Walnut Grove Farm looks like such a fun venue to get married! and you captured it so beautifully!

  9. Lynn Marie says:

    These images are stunning!  Isn’t Walnut Grove Farm amazing wedding venue? I love all of the detail photos you captured of their wedding.  Gorgeous!  You have a gift for also capturing true emotion in your photos too. Well done!  

  10. Chelsea says:

    What a lovely farm wedding at Walnut Grove! It looks like such a romantic spot!

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