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Friends… I thought it might actually happen. I had a tiny internal panic, where I thought I was about to witness my first wedding where the bride was late to her ceremony! While I may have been calm and collected on the outside, my inner voice was freaking out a bit. But leave it to […]

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Well, we sure picked a hot and humid day to explore Bernheim for Jason and Jennifer’s engagement session! With their wedding about a month away, we went for it, and I have to say, they had the best personalities for the challenge!  We laughed and joked all through the evening and getting to know these […]

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Sloane and Matthew chose the perfect day in the middle of summer for their wedding. I’ve been invited to discover some sweet new-to-me venues this year. Kavanaugh Retreat Center in Crestwood Kentucky was a well hidden one! It’s camp-like, picturesque woods and ponds made for a lovely, relaxing backdrop to our busy morning, and the […]

The day is here! Your first session for engagement pictures! Now that you’ve got your date, venue and photographer we get to celebrate! This summer I’ve had over 10 engagement sessions in the last few weeks alone, and I’ve decided to put pen to paper and get all my little tips, tricks, dos and don’ts […]

I absolutely love personalizing sessions for my clients, so when Zack and Claire mentioned heading to Cincinnati to photograph where they now live, I jumped at the chance! Cincinnati and Newport proved to be gorgeous, but the background paled in comparison to these two love birds. Their laughter, contentment and fun just oozed, and it […]

The most common family question: what do we wear? Let’s make this seemly big task of arranging outfits, super easy and fun! Here’s a few of my tips for a family look that will feel like you for years to come. Tip 1: WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES While that new dress or pair of pants may seem like a […]

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