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Legacy. Heritage. Such powerful words. It’s easy for me to view this blog space as a spot to just share bits and pieces about my couples and photography adventures; I rarely get personal. However, this week has been heavy. While I’ve been watching a friend’s family grieve her final days and then her death at 34, I’m reminded that we aren’t promised tomorrow. James compares our life to a mist that appears for a while and then vanishes. Now, before you start thinking that I’ve gotten all depressed on you, take heart because we have so much hope. We grieve and celebrate as those who know this is not our final home. One of the most treasured things about photographing relationships for me is the fact that these families are being started right before my eyes and built on love. I feel like I get to capture a tiny glimpse of that love while it’s so fresh and new! The love of Christ, family heritage, the love between a husband and a wife that can’t be shaken when they are selfless and centered on biblical principles.

Getting to photograph Abigail & Clint this past week was such a significant and sweet time. If we had to pick a theme of their wedding, it would be family. Tradition. Legacy. Honoring those who have gone before them and the ones they love. Everything about these two just seems to be grateful and genuine. It was a breath of fresh air among such a challenging couple of weeks and I truly hope you can feel the love and respect they have for each other though these images. (And don’t forget the tons of fun!) After spending the afternoon together and then getting to see their church where the ceremony will be held, I can’t wait until September!!  There are more family treasures hidden there, but I won’t spoil that surprise just yet. So please, sit back, hug your loved ones, and while you take a peek at these childhood friends, grown up to be sweethearts, please think about what kind of legacy and heritage you desire to leave. We have one life- love well, sweet friends.



I absolutely love when couples have something really special to them to include in their session! I would love to take a minute to introduce you to Frances Mudd Hamilton. This is Abigail’s Grandmother pictured below with her husband Paul. They were the original owners of this gorgeous farm property we got to explore in Springfield, Kentucky. She’s also wearing one of her furs that has been passed down in the family; the same fur that Abby got to wear for her session. Isn’t that such an amazing family tribute? Abigail rocked this look and I think her grandmother would be proud! The cufflinks below are also a family heirloom from Clint’s grandfather. I can’t wait to see what other family treasures and stories I get to experience at the wedding.17264161_10101528965947299_4417973867638142469_n




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