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Well, we sure picked a hot and humid day to explore Bernheim for Jason and Jennifer’s engagement session! With their wedding about a month away, we went for it, and I have to say, they had the best personalities for the challenge!  We laughed and joked all through the evening and getting to know these […]

The first reaction Tolliver had when he saw Mollie walking down the aisle, were tears of joy, followed by a big joyful smile and a few more tears. This kind of raw, emotional love is my favorite! The whole day was full of lots of smiles, laughs, a few nerves but mostly happy tears.  Tolliver & Mollie […]

Legacy. Heritage. Such powerful words. It’s easy for me to view this blog space as a spot to just share bits and pieces about my couples and photography adventures; I rarely get personal. However, this week has been heavy. While I’ve been watching a friend’s family grieve her final days and then her death at 34, […]

I absolutely love personalizing sessions for my clients, so when Zack and Claire mentioned heading to Cincinnati to photograph where they now live, I jumped at the chance! Cincinnati and Newport proved to be gorgeous, but the background paled in comparison to these two love birds. Their laughter, contentment and fun just oozed, and it […]

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It’s time for engagement sessions and the 2017 bridal season is kicking off with Will and Mara! These two are honestly a breath of fresh air. I laughed so hard at some points that I cried, which was a mistake, because the tears instantly froze. Only a few people are brave enough to hang out […]

The most common family question: what do we wear? Let’s make this seemly big task of arranging outfits, super easy and fun! Here’s a few of my tips for a family look that will feel like you for years to come. Tip 1: WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHES While that new dress or pair of pants may seem like a […]

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