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Alpacas, Popsicles and Louisville Kentucky Love


It’s takes a lot to render me speechless, you all. This wedding does just that. As I sit outside today, enjoying a glorious 75 degree and breezy Friday, I am truly just overwhelmed with joy. I’m not joyful because of circumstances, but because of such a rooted identity and the abundance that comes from that security.  This past year has been one of so much growth and personal development, and it’s been a really hard, yet joy-filled journey!

I know, I know, get to the amazing couple I’m sharing about today, right? But you know what? Looking at these images, and remembering what a spectacular day last Saturday was, just has me realizing how truly thankful I am!! I’m giddy getting to share these with all of you and I’m so humbled by the incredible adventures this business continues to bring us.

Leah and Jay met Derby week in Louisville. I know what you’re thinking, ‘how romantic!’ Horses, hats, Mint Juleps, beautiful skies, our old Kentucky Home at it’s finest!  But really… it was probably closer to hot asphalt, honking cars and crabby people, beacause that’s what behind the scenes looked like as they were working.  They had never really talked before, because they were on different shifts, but getting put together on the same post for Oaks and Derby led to their first date soon after. They quickly knew they were a great match and 6 months later, Jay took Leah to Floyds Fork where her sweet dog Beretta met them with a “Will you marry me?” dog tag around her neck. The rest is history.  Saturday was STUNNING, and full of the sweetest people! You can always truly get to know someone on wedding day… their joy for life or control issues or frustration all come out, with the stress of a wedding. These two? NOTHING. BUT. JOY!!

This is probably the longest sneak peek I’ve ever shared on here, but you all- it’s simply inspiring. Leave Leah and Jay some love in the comments and go enjoy so CUTE Alpacas!! (Oh yeah, and a super cute couple.) Happy Friday!!

Angel Fleece Aplaca Farm was such a fun place for a first look!!

Seriously, are they not the CUTEST?!

Merci Bouquet also outdid themselves with this stunning floral arrangement. BLOWN AWAY!

All the Harry Potter love!! (The guys are such great sports.)

Steel City Pops in the house!!

They danced the night away, and I had a little artsy fun at the end. Leah and Jay, I can’t thank you all enough for being dream clients, incredibly genuine and so thoughtful. Paul and I wish you a lifetime of hard and joy-filled season!! 😉

To the incredible vendor team- THANK YOU!

Bridal Gown: Rebecca’s, Essence of Australia

Bridemaids Dresses: Lulus, Show Me Your Mumu

Make Up: Amelia Evans

Florals: Merci Bouquet

First Look Venue: Angel Fleece Alpaca Farm

Venue: Gheens Foundation Lodge, Beckley Creek Park

Wedding Coordinators: Tiara Fowler & Caitlin Livingston

DJ: Odyssey Mobile

Cake: Family Friend, Craig Gray

Desserts: Nords Bakery

Catering: Marks Feedstore

Popsicles: Steel City Pops




  1. Mira McDaniel says:

    I absolutely love the story about how they met. You painted it perfectly for me and I even got a giggle out of it. The fact that they incorporated Alpacas as well is so cool! Gheens seems like a perfect venue in Louisville. The love between these two resonates very clearly through all of their wedding pictures! Well done!!

  2. Jan F says:

    haha I’m following the farm on IG after this post and definitely would love to have some Alpacas or Llamas on my wedding, but not sure they like beach and ocean! Ha! I totally agree that this wedding is inspirational. I want Steel City Pops now, too!

  3. Marie Furtkamp says:

    This wedding is GOALS!!! Louisville Kentucky is so lush and green! Did they have a connection to the alpacas or just love animals? Your photography is so bright and joyful. I almost never comment on these types of things, but I just love how vibrant and real the colors are! Most styles seems so dark and moody these days… THIS is the kind of wedding photography I would want for my own someday. (Sigh, someday!) Congratulations to the couple!!

  4. I’m going to need to know ASAP where you can get Alpacas in Louisville! I saw a lot when I was in Peru and they are just the sweetest! I love how you captured this wedding – the photographs are all lovely. Gheens is one of my favorite venues too!

  5. Jamie says:

    This Louisville wedding is so fun!!! I can see why you love it, the moments you captured are gorgeous and full of joy!  I adore her color palette- the dresses, the bouquets, so stunning.   And I’ve never seen Alpacas helping out so well, absolutely adorable <3  Great work!

  6. Shanna says:

    Oh god they are so fun! I wanna be friends with THESE people. Love the popsicle twist! Llamas? Alpacas? The best wedding!!

  7. Lacy says:

    I love everything about this wedding! You captured them so perfectly. I love how you created such amazing pieces for them! <3 

  8. Daisy H. says:

    This is the best! I love this countryside wedding with Alpacas! I love weddings with animals haha!   I knew Kentucky was beautiful, but had no idea Louisville was so lush and breathtaking. The couple seems so fun, and great job on capturing their wedding day! 

  9. becky van straalen says:

    Popsicles AND alpacas??? holy moly! this couple know how to throw a PARTY!  They really are a photographers dream clients! You did a marvellous job of capturing it all. 

  10. GAAAA!!! ALPACAS!!! What an epic wedding to be part of! This makes me want to do more and more of them!

  11. Oh wow. I am in love with all of th images from their wedding day.Louisville looks like such a great place to get married. I love how they included Alpacas! such a fun idea. 

  12. Kara says:

    So many alpacas! I love the fun element they brought to this Louisville Kentucky wedding! And that bouquet is absolutely gorgeous. Do you mainly shoot locally or do you travel for weddings too? Cause girl, I’m going to need a photographer!!  

  13. Mrs McDaniel says:

    I love the story about how they met and I love how you painted the picture perfectly for me to imagine it… I love how photography can do that! The pictures from the wedding are beautiful! I love how they incorporated meaningful things to them and then the llamas. Wait, Llamas? Alpacas? What’s the difference?!

  14. Joshua says:

    What a cute wedding! Love the photos of the couple with llamas! Hope these llamas didn’t spit on the couple and photographer during the photo shooting! The wedding cake is gorgeous! 

  15. SArah says:

    this seriously cannot get any better…. I mean how do you top this……. you dont! I love every single one !

  16. Leah says:

    Loving the photos so far, Sarah. Just incredible!! You all are amazing and we are over the moon with the photos thus far! Looking very forward to receiving everything and seeing the rest! Leah

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