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How old were you when you met your spouse? I know I’ve asked this question before, but I just love Abby and Clint’s story! They both grew up in the same small town of Springfield, Ky, attended the same Catholic grade school (K-8th) and the same Catholic church. (The same church they got married in!) […]

Oh. My. Goodness. You guys, I don’t know how it happens over and over again, but I honestly have had THE SWEETEST clients this year! When I first heard from Megan for her wedding photography inquiry this September, I knew right away she was someone I would love to work with. She was down to […]

When Evan saw Cierra for the first time on their wedding day, I was too far away to hear his words, but his huge grin said it all! This lovely western Kentucky wedding was full of love, smiles, laughs, happy tears and meaningful DIY touches. These two had the privilege of dating through college and […]

If you’re married or have a significant other, how old were you when you met? I’m genuinely curious!  Brandon and Shelby were in grade school when they first met! Growing up in Louisville, they have such a sweet story. From a surprise  beach proposal during a family vacation in Florida, that Brandon “wasn’t able” come […]

I just love my city. Sometimes before a session I’ll arrive a little early to just sit and soak in the environment. Last week’s engagement session was no different, and as I walked along the river the Belle of Louisville went chugging by. Ashley and Brian love Louisville too! This sweet couple are so tender […]

Someone once asked me if photographing couples and weddings feels the same every time… I think the exact words were, ‘Do you get tired of just going through the motions? Doesn’t every session seem the same?’  While I could see where someone might make that assumption, I sort of side smiled and said, ‘Oh no. […]

The day is here! Your first session for engagement pictures! Now that you’ve got your date, venue and photographer we get to celebrate! This summer I’ve had over 10 engagement sessions in the last few weeks alone, and I’ve decided to put pen to paper and get all my little tips, tricks, dos and don’ts […]

  Oh what a glorious day this way! When I met Terra and Caleb last fall, it was for a simple mini session. I usually don’t photograph engagement sessions with this type of offer, but it worked well for our schedules and we were a good fit. Little did I know then, our meeting that […]

When I first met Courtney and Patrick, I thought they were a a little shy and quiet, but I came to quickly realize they’re good listeners and just taking it all in. As we walked, talked and cracked some jokes it was a blast getting to know them! We explored a new part of The […]

I’m not sure there’s much that words can add to such a gorgeous day, but I have to stop and take a minute to brag on these two. From our engagement shoot last year to the week of the wedding, Will and Mara have been nothing but fun and laughter! Farm weddings are definitely popular […]

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